Better ways · Way better
Better ways · Way better

I-empower founders Dr. Julia Sacher and Cornelia Ketscher

Learn to manage minds — Start with your own

We empower women who have it all to embrace their busy lives, and feel joy.

One could say you have it all — and yet you do not feel like you are enough. You take care of others who rely on you, yet you are often disappointed in yourself, then beat yourself up for these feelings. If any of this rings true, we have a solution you may like.

Dr. Julia Sacher & Cornelia Ketscher I-empower Coaching

No more people pleasing

We teach you how to overcome endless comparing and people pleasing, explore belief systems that are ultimately holding you back, and transform the self-critical thoughts into the life you really want.

Transform your thoughts

We will provide you with a tool which you can apply immediately, creates noticeable results right after the first session, and will transform your whole life if you let it.

We will show you

How to

  • achieve more by doing less.
  • allow for discomfort without suffering.
  • stop beating yourself up to motivate yourself.
  • have thoughts that matter and stop the distracting noise.
  • be who you wish for your kids to become.
  • stop people pleasing and start telling the truth.
  • make peace with your mother.
  • open your mind for what is possible.
  • embrace your busy life and feel joy.
Summer Melancholy or Autumn Inspiration?

Summer Melancholy or Autumn Inspiration?

/ September 12, 2022

I feel so incredibly powerful, inspired and almost enthusiastic to try some new things. This month is a new beginning for me - full of motivation and rich with ideas.

Newsletter March 2022

Newsletter March 2022

/ March 23, 2022

How is it possible to deal with all your fears, anxieties, and constantly circling thoughts? Is it okay to go on with your daily life? Is it appropriate to have joy and laugh? Let's talk about...

We empower women who have it all to embrace their busy lives, and feel joy.